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"The Swire group, which has maintained a presence in Taiwan since 1948, has been a contributing member of the ECCT since its establishment. We have participated in ECCT committees such as Automotive and CSR and assumed directorships on the ECCT board in various years. The ECCT has seen significant growth and development and now offers a bustling platform where effective communication and interaction with and among European companies operating in Taiwan (its members), the government and the community, is made not only possible but effective. I encourage you to join one or two of the ECCT’s committees – covering sectors from Automotive to Travel & Tourism – and to attend special lunches to take full advantage of becoming an ECCT member."
Derrick Chan, Deputy Chairman, Swire Group Taiwan


"The ECCT provides an excellent platform to expand your network in Taiwan, providing access to the top business leaders in every industry. The ECCT also provides its members with direct access to top government leaders and government departments. The icing on the cake is that the ECCT also holds spectacular social functions which bring together the business community in a fun venue. This is a must join organization for Taiwan no matter what industry one is engaged in."
Godwin Chang, Chief Country Officer, Societe Generale

“Organizing meaningful and high quality events is one of the strengths of the ECCT. These activities helps keep us informed, involved and connected. They serve as a bridge between our company and Taiwan's policy makers as well as business communities.”

“I believe it is incredibly important for Siemens to be active in and support a multi-faceted and premier organization such as the ECCT. The Chamber combines local resources with international networks which serve as a bridge to effective commercial contact of mutual benefit to business communities in Taiwan. It also provides excellent platforms to get connected with policymakers of the highest level in the government.”

Erdal Elver, President & CEO, Siemens Limited Taiwan


"When l took up my Taiwan country head role back in 2010, ECCT helped a great deal in connecting me to business leaders and community. Besides representing members' interest, ECCT provides members the platform to share with government, scholars and industry the overseas best practices. The ECCT Low Carbon Initiative (LCI), active since 2012 is one great example. When it comes to leisure and fun, ECCT organizes fabulous social events for members and families. Come and join us!"

EngLeong GOH, Managing Director, BASF Taiwan Ltd.

"The ECCT is the representative of all European companies to ensure that our interests are recognised by the Taiwanese Government. In addition, it provides a great networking platform to meet interesting people, for business and for fun.”
Uwe Halstenbach, Managing Director TÜV Rheinland Taiwan


"Over the past three  years ECCT has grown tremendously the activities into new and different areas.
New projects include the Low Carbon Initiative, the GNN.Asia and now the EBRC. These are great networking platforms , aimed at fostering partnerships between European and Taiwanese Enterprises.
Free Trade Agreements  or Bilateral Investment Agreements remain a backbone of the Chamber and multiple initiatives  keep unfolding in this area, both locally and internationally.
The relations with the Local Authorities, bot at Central and Local Governments, have significantly stepped up and so have the relations with the EU Commission, the EU Office in Taiwan and the State Member Representative Offices in Taiwan.
All these relations make easier to reach our goal of Harmonizing Regulatory differences across multiple Industries, therefore facilitating the Business Activities for ECCT  Members."

Giuseppe Izzo, General Manager, STMicroelectronics Ltd.

"The ECCT has been effective in presenting the case for European business in Taiwan and has given us privileged access to policymakers at the highest level in the government. Over the last few years the insurance committee has also been successful at getting its point across on industry matters and has made good progress on some important issues. This would be hard to achieve on a company-by-company basis." 
Chris James, Chairman, Allianz Taiwan Life Insurance Company


“Michelin Taiwan has worked with the ECCT for several years. Our impression is not just that membership is worthwhile. We have also benefitted from the chamber’s expertise and initiative through participating in public events and leading internal meetings. The support the ECCT has provided to industries in Taiwan is clear. The chamber is efficient especially in dealing with vital government officials and policy regulations. ECCT member corporations rely on the ECCT to get access to local officials and resolve issues efficiently and without any interference. We appreciate the fact that our voice is heard. The ECCT is essential to us as it should be to any other European business in Taiwan.”
Lu Hui-feng, former General Manager, Michelin Taiwan

"Through my experience over the past 3 years there is no doubt that the ECCT in Taiwan plays a central role in tackling advocacy issues & promoting European business, it is the 'go to' association for government communication and has proven very effective in resolving trade barriers for our industry".

Rufus Parkinson, Managing Director, Moet Hennessy Taiwan


“The ECCT offers an excellent forum for networking in both business and social activities. It also is highly effective in representing the views of members to the government”
Peter Sutton, Head of Research, CLSA Asia Pacific Markets

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