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Supply Chain Committee
The Supply Chain committee has evolved over the years to reflect changes across several industry sectors. In 2017 the committee changed its name from the Customs & Logistics committee to the Supply Chain committee to account for the fact that Supply chain management is the accepted name, within most multi-national businesses, for the operational business functions which include freight, customs and logistics. With the change the committee aims to expand the scope of its activities to include other related functions, such as procurement, quality management, sourcing, reverse logistics, service logistics and contract manufacturing, among others. The Customs & Logistics committee itself was formed in 2014 by combining two formerly separate committees: Customs and Maritime. Besides issues affecting its own members, the committee also addresses issues that affect the Retail and Distribution, Luxury Goods and Intellectual Property Rights committees.

Committee Co-chairs
Michel Blanc
Managing Director 
Cargocare Taiwan Ltd.
Mr. Philip Vaudin
Asia Regiaonal Manager
Brooks Automation Taiwan Co. Ltd

Committee Staff
Salli Yueh
Committee Affairs Officer
Tel: 886-2-2740-0236 ext 219

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