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ECCT Automotive Committee Lunch - Technology trends driving the future of mobility
Friday, 29 September 2017, 12:00 - 14:00

ECCT Automotive Committee Lunch 

Technology trends driving the future of mobility

Guest speaker
Michael Bultmann, Managing Director, HERE Deutschland GmbH  


12:00 – 14:00, Friday, 29 September 2017
Mandarin Oriental, Taipei, B2F Oriental I / 文華東方酒店  東方廳
No. 158 Dunhua North Road, Taipei / 台北市敦化北路 158

Rapidly emerging digital technologies are enabling connected and autonomous vehicles (AVs). Technologies such as artificial intelligence, advanced digital self-learning mapping, machine learning and big data analytics are being used to reshape the future of mobility, resulting in increased safety, reduced energy consumption, increased productivity, and providing massive economic benefits to national economies. To maximize these benefits, industry stakeholders must work together and with policymakers to ensure that a regulatory and industry environment is created that encourages and facilitates collaboration, innovation and experimentation while also ensuring that these technologies meet necessary safety standards.
HERE Technologies is a leading provider of location intelligence solutions for consumers and businesses across a wide variety of industries, from AVs and industrial fleet management to logistics and drones.  HERE has been developing digital mapping for 30 years and today, through its Open Location Platform, is enabling an open environment for the development of advanced technologies to pave the way towards the autonomous future. The Open Location Platform provides vehicles and other connected devices with access to a mapping infrastructure that is constantly evolving to mirror the change in our physical world. For AVs specifically, HERE is developing real-time high definition (HD) mapping that is accurate to the centimeter-level to support vehicle localization and guidance. These live HD maps will be constantly updated via the collection and sharing of vehicle sensor data, which is processed and analyzed by the platform using advanced algorithms and machine learning to generate alerts, warnings, and other guidance, which will be distributed to the vehicle fleet in near real time.
Data will be the lifeblood for advanced mobility solutions. According to Intel, AVs will generate up to 4 terabytes of data every day. Making sense of and effectively using such massive amounts of data presents a computational challenge for the development of AVs. However, technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning will be critical to allow AVs to turn these huge data sets into actionable insight that lets cars think, learn and act without human intervention. The collection of massive data sets by various players in the autonomous ecosystem will challenge even the most advanced big data analytics capabilities. These challenges and opportunities in the mobility field will spur the development of ever more advanced AI and other data analytics tools that can be applied to other areas such as medicine and health care, benefitting all of 
At this 
event our guest speaker will provide an overview of HERE’s efforts to enable the future of mobility through the application of advanced location intelligence technologies. Among other
subjects he will discuss the importance of cooperation and collaboration among various industry stakeholders to develop the necessary platforms to ensure a future where safe, efficient and affordable mobility is available to all citizens.
About the speakers

Michael Bultmann is the managing director of HERE Deutschland GmbH and directs HERE’s global external relations. Prior to Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s handheld device business in 2014, he served as the managing director of Nokia GmbH for six years. Before this he worked in various leadership positions for companies in Germany and France, managing and providing senior legal counsel for matters in Germany and Eastern Europe. He has also worked as an attorney in Berlin and Paris, and as a lecturer on International Business Law at the University Luneburg. Michael Bultmann is active in the leadership of many associations and serves on several boards of trustees.

NT$1,400 for members; NT$2,000 for members’ guest(s)

To cancel without penalty, written cancellations must be received 24 hours prior to the event.
Contact: Jill Fong / Tel 2740-0236 ext. 225 / jill.fong@ecct.com.tw / www.ecct.com.tw

  Location: 158 Dunhua North Road, Taipei 10545, Taiwan / 10545 台北市敦化北路158號
  Registration Deadline: Wednesday, 27 September 2017, 17:00
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