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ECCT Human Resources Committee Lunch - Interpretation and implementation of the new Labour Standards Act on 1 March 2018
Tuesday, 27 February 2018, 12:00 - 14:00

ECCT Human Resources Committee Lunch

新版勞基法3月1日起 全面執行說明會
Interpretation and implementation of the new Labour Standards Act
start on 1 March 2018

What you need to know and do to ensure compliance

Guest speaker
Chiang Ming-chih, Director, Labour Inspection Office, Taipei City Government
臺北市勞動檢查處 江明志 處長

Date: 12:00 – 14:00, Tuesday, 27 February 2018
Shangrila Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, B1 EAST GATE /香格里拉台北遠東國際大飯店 B1 怡東園廳
201 Tun Hwa South Road, Section 2, Taipei, Taiwan / 台灣台北市敦化南路二段201號

The amendment to the Labour Standards Act that was passed by the Legislative Yuan on 10 January 2018 will take effect on 1 March 2018. While the new act has been published, there is still room for interpretation by city government authorities of certain provisions in the act. How will Taipei City Government officials interpret and implement amendments to the act? The ECCT’s Human Resources committee has invited the director of Taipei’s Labour Inspection Office, the official responsible for implementation of the new law, to brief ECCT members based in Taipei about the practical implications of the new law. In particular, members will learn how they will need to adjust their operations and reporting practices in order to ensure full compliance. At the lunch members will also be afforded the opportunity to ask the director questions of clarification on any issues related to labour standards.  
The amendment to the Labour Standards Act was passed following much criticism from both business and labour representatives and more than a year of consultations between the government and other stakeholders. The ECCT was one of the major parties involved in the consultations that provided input in the drafting of the new amendment. Thanks to these efforts, particularly on the part of representatives from the ECCT’s HR committee, most of the provisions in the new act are in line with ECCT recommendations.
Under the provisions of the new act we already know that: 1) Overtime pay for work on rest days will be based on actual hours worked (compared to blocks of 4 hours previously); 2) The maximum number of overtime hours has been increased to 54 hours per month or 138 hours over 3 months; 3) The so-called “one fixed day and one flexible day off policy” has been relaxed to allow up to 12 consecutive days of work (although this is subject to the Ministry of Labour’s review and consent by a labour-management meeting); 4) The minimum number of hours between two shifts may be reduced to 8 hours (from 11 previously); 5) Unused leave days may be carried over to the following year (previously all leave had to be used or compensated for in the same year). Unused leave that remains unused in the following year should be compensated for. However, some issues have not yet been clarified such as the period of time after which compensatory leave granted for working overtime is converted back into overtime pay. Our guest speaker will address this and any other issues where there is room for interpretation at the lunch.
About the speaker
Chiang Ming-chih (
江明志) is the director of the Taipei City Government’s Labour Inspection Office. Prior to his current position he was Chief Secretary of the office. He holds a master’s degree in social policy and social work from National Chi Nan International University.
*This presentation will be conducted in Chinese (本會議全程以中文進行)

Cost per member: NT$1,400; member’s guest: NT$2,000

*To Cancel without penalty, written cancellations must be received 24 hours prior to the event.
Contact: Salli Yueh / Tel 2740-0236 ext. 219 / salli.yueh@ecct.com.tw 

  Location: B1 East Gate, 201 Tun Hwa South Road, Section 2, Taipei, 10675, Taiwan
  Registration Deadline: Monday, 26 February 2018, 18:00
The registration period is over.
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