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2016 is a fruitful year for Mercedes-Benz Taiwan. The company has received two significant awards, 2016 CommonWealth CSR Award and Golden Service Award, demonstrating Mercedes-Benz’s long term commitment in Taiwan has been well recognized. 2016 marks the second year in the row for Mercedes-Benz Taiwan to receive the CommonWealth Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award. With an outstanding score of 9.38 in the environmental protection aspect as a result of its long-term commitment to a more sustainable environment, the German automaker received the highest score in the foreign enterprise category which once again recognized for its role as the pioneer and leader in the automotive industry with regards to CSR, as well as its persistent and long-term hard work in cultivating the country’s social and environmental well-being.
Mercedes-Benz, the industry leader of the luxury car import market but indeed the whole automobile industry, is also devoted to its corporate social responsibilities, where special attention has been paid to the disadvantaged schoolchildren of Taiwan. Since 2008, Mercedes-Benz has been committed to giving back to society with its “Star Dreams” CSR program, including the Young Talent Project, which helps children pursue their dreams, as well as the “Eden Elephant Family Project”, which raises funds by selling desk calendars.
As green consumption slowly but surely becomes the driving force of global economy, the pursuit of sustainable business practices is now a priority for manufacturers and service providers. Asia Pulp & Paper (APP), one of the top ten pulp and paper companies in the world, is no exception. APP has streamlined its business based on the model of “forest-pulp-paper” integration that aims to achieve sustainable operations and production efficiency. APP’s plantations in Indonesia and China have introduced advanced technology to breed timber species with accelerated growth rates and shortened maturity cycles.
ECCT members and staff took part in international beach cleaning day together with the Taipei European School and numerous other local organizations.
International beach cleaning day (or Coastal Cleanup day) has become the world’s largest volunteer effort for ocean health. Millions of volunteers in over 150 countries and locations take part in the event annually to remove tonnes of rubbish from the shores of lakes, streams, rivers and the ocean on just one day each year.
Here for good was globally launched in 2010 as Standard Chartered PLC's new brand promise. Based on our solid business performance, we will leverage our history, heritage, success, and culture to largely enhance the public’s understanding of the Bank in our key markets and other areas and further boost our business growth. Here for good incorporates the Bank's past, present, and future. It is a deep commitment to the markets where we are: We are here for the long run, applying our knowledge and experience to create profits for our customers and clients. We are here for progress and committed to upholding the highest standards and doing the right things.
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