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Mercedes-Benz Star Dreams Program: A trip to the zoo with children from remote schools
Mercedes-Benz, the industry leader of the luxury car import market but indeed the whole automobile industry, is also devoted to its corporate social responsibilities, where special attention has been paid to the disadvantaged schoolchildren of Taiwan. Since 2008, Mercedes-Benz has been committed to giving back to society with its “Star Dreams” CSR program, including the Young Talent Project, which helps children pursue their dreams, as well as the “Eden Elephant Family Project”, which raises funds by selling desk calendars.

The collective funds they raised reached over 28 million NTD. Apart from the financial support, Mercedes-Benz encourages its employees to volunteer and contribute their efforts in person to meaningful activities. The annual town hall meeting of Mercedes-Benz Taiwan (MBTw) and Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Taiwan (MBFSTw) this year, besides the regular meeting, has stepped further to arrange a tour to Taipei Zoo with 300 employee volunteers joined by nearly 100 school children from remote areas. The arrangement has put together both adults and children to understand the significance of environmental conservation, while at the same time stimulate the momentum of charity in society.

Show the Children Ecological Conservation in Practice
MBTw and MBFSTw arranged this volunteering activity for their employees through the sponsorship of “Mercedes-Benz Star Dreams: Eden Elephant Family Project” to elementary schoolchildren in the remote areas. Through a fun and relaxing tour like this, Mercedes-Benz Taiwan expects to inspire these children into becoming ecological conservationists in their daily lives as they have experienced its significance in practice.
The President & CEO of Mercedes-Benz Taiwan, Mr. Eckart Mayer, stated that “Corporate Social Responsibilities require recognition of all employees and their participation. This time, I am really glad that I can lead our employees to participate in such a meaningful activity, and I appreciate the support of the Taipei Zoo, which has joined to promote environmental and ecological conservation to schoolchildren in remote areas.” All the children screamed cheerfully when they saw the super star of the zoo, Yuan-Zai the panda, saying “How cute she (Yuan-Zai) is! I also want to become a zoo caretaker when I grow up.”
A Full Star Scope of Sustainable Development to Drive a Better Future
Mercedes-Benz will continue to arrange a series of activities of the Star Dreams Program for the disadvantaged schoolchildren in helping them ignite the engine of their dreams and drive their unlimited potential. Furthermore, Mercedes-Benz will build on the concept of a sustainable environment, extending its reach to cover issues of environmental and ecological conservation, as well as alternative energy. From the Star Dreams for the disadvantaged to environmental and energy issues, Mercedes-Benz, a leading brand of luxury cars who has led the automobile industry for the past 128 years, will continue to drive the Earth to a better future.
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